The Best Home Workout Equipment You Can Snag on Amazon

1. An anti-burst, anti-slip stability ball built with professional quality PVC material that withstands even the most rigorous of exercises—whether you’re doing a full HIIT routine, in need of a quirky new office chair, or just want to crack your back.

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2. A compact dumbbell and free weight stand that is both sturdy and space-saving. Bonus: it won’t wobble when taking pieces of equipment on and off, so stack away.

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3. pack of soft athletic tape to both prevent and support strains and sprains without leaving sticky glue residue all over your skin. The compression bandage material also helps to control swelling and stop bleeding quickly.

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4. A stylish padded sports bra tank that’s lightweight and supportive without being restrictive. It comes in *so* many cute colors, you may want to buy more than one.

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5. wide mouth, long-lasting BPA-free Nalgene water bottle for all of your favorite adventures and outings. Stay hydrated with this leak-proof, easy-to-clean baby that’s totally impact resistant.

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6. deep tissue foam roller that uses trigger point technology to really get into those tough, hard-to-reach spots while also helping to increase blood flow, loosen knots, and deliver a superior massage without the need of anyone else’s hands.

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7. An adjustable, fast-folding, strength training bench designed with seven back positions and three seat positions for an incredible full-body workout, making it a must-have for your home gym.

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