Recommended list of fitness products made for you

1. pair of gel-padded, inner glove hand wraps great for boxing, MMA, and kickboxing since they keep your wrists secured with a long velcro strap *and* feature individually stitched finger openings for max comfort.

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2. Fitness Insanity ab roller kit including a foam knee mat, push-up bars, resistance bands, and an at-home workout guide for strengthening and toning your whole body from the comfort of your floor. Who needs a gym when you’ve got one of these beauties?

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3. versatile weighted workout bar that you can add to pretty much any exercise routine to help improve your balance and stability while developing your core strength.

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4. A powerful battle conditioning rope featuring heat-shrink handles and special nylon sleeves to keep it in pristine condition for years of amazing arm and core-strengthening sessions.

5. An extra-wide, extra-long yoga mat that’s much thicker than your average mat, meaning you won’t “sink in” during your sun salutations and put strain on your back or joints. Bonus: it gives you plenty of room to stretch out no matter your height.

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The best Amazon Prime Day fitness deals What is the best Amazon Prime Day 2022 fitness deal? There are a few items left post Prime Day that have some good deals.

What is the best Amazon Prime Day 2022 fitness deal? There are a few items left post Prime Day that have some good deals.

Welcome to our quick guide to fitness deals on Amazon. When it comes to Prime Day, there are tons of available deals, but we wanted to help guide you to promotions that actually touch on good fitness practice. We’ve got cardio, strength, stretching and more covered in this list.

When it comes to fitness products, it does help to read the reviews. Make sure that what you’re buying is robust and can handle the impact you’re likely to give it when exercising. Other purchasers will often be able to tell you whether the product holds up to repeated workouts.

And with that, here are some great deals.

Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Vinyl 40 Lb Dumbbell Set

Best for overall fitness training

Look, there are as many opinions about which weights to use as there are vendors selling weights. But the fact is, if you lift heavy things enough, using the proper form, you’ll get fit. It’s very important to be conscious of your form (how you place your limbs and move your muscles), but the individual brand of weight isn’t that critical.

Yes, some weights are padded, some have different grippy material, some stack better, and so forth. Those are all nice when it comes to convenience, but whether or not you have grippy weights will not determine whether you get strong biceps.

I do like this set, though, because it’s small and compact, yet allows you to adjust the amount of weight you’re lifting. You can mix and match weights, lifting two weights weighing 5 pounds up to 20 pounds. I tend to prefer heavier weights, but progressively increasing or decreasing weight during a workout is also a good practice. Bottom line: you can have a nice weight set that will build muscle at a good price.


FLYBIRD Weight Bench

I tend to be hesitant to recommend weight benches, just because they can take up so much space. But nothing beats the “I’m working out” vibe that a weight bench provides, plus they’re ideal for making sure you keep proper form. 

Proper form means how you place your body and muscles to make sure they get the proper burn, but also keep safe and supported. Weight benches are powerful tools for keeping that form.

This is also a great time to take advantage of that Amazon Prime membership. Weight benches (like the weights themselves) weigh a lot, and therefore cost a ton to ship. But as a Prime member, that shipping cost is all absorbed by Amazon and you pay nothing to bring the bench to your door.

GOBEES Weighted Fitness Hoop

I’m gonna confess something to you right here and now. My exercise routine is riding the elliptical for cardio and lifting weights for strength. Doing some kind of torture hula hoop is not my idea of fun. And let’s just say that I’m worried about exactly where that swinging ball will land.

But I did watch the video, and the idea appears to be that you use this as a weighted fitness loop. You rotate your pelvis, and the weight flies around you. Be careful: don’t stand too close to anything you might slam that weight into, or pounds won’t be the only thing you lose.

As I said, this isn’t something I would ever use. But it does have a whole lot of positive reviews, and it is an Amazon best seller. So, if this is your thing, then this thing is now discounted. Enjoy.


Homaisson Folding Travel Yoga Mat

This, my friends, is a yoga mat. It is a mat… for yoga. In terms of special features, it can be rolled. It can be folded. You can stand on it. You can sit on it. You can roll on it. And you can do downward dog on it. You can stretch and become more limber.

So why did we choose this particular yoga mat to spotlight? Well, beyond all the features described above, it’s pretty. And it’s on sale. Yoga, assuming you don’t tie yourself into a pretzel and can’t get out, is good for you. A yoga mat makes doing yoga better. And this mat makes doing yoga just a bit less expensive.

Namaste, y’all.

Hoocan Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can be very useful as adjuncts to strength training. They’re also great if you need to travel and it’s inconvenient to bring your weights with you. 

This is a set of three resistance bands. If you need more intensity, you can double up the bands to gain more fine-tuned resistance levels.

If you do a bit of studying, you can replicate many of the exercises you’d do on big gym machines with just a set of bands and something to pull against, which could be a door or even a tree. They’re cost- and space-effective, and they’re on sale.

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