Recommended list of fitness products made for you

1. pair of gel-padded, inner glove hand wraps great for boxing, MMA, and kickboxing since they keep your wrists secured with a long velcro strap *and* feature individually stitched finger openings for max comfort.

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2. Fitness Insanity ab roller kit including a foam knee mat, push-up bars, resistance bands, and an at-home workout guide for strengthening and toning your whole body from the comfort of your floor. Who needs a gym when you’ve got one of these beauties?

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3. versatile weighted workout bar that you can add to pretty much any exercise routine to help improve your balance and stability while developing your core strength.

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4. A powerful battle conditioning rope featuring heat-shrink handles and special nylon sleeves to keep it in pristine condition for years of amazing arm and core-strengthening sessions.

5. An extra-wide, extra-long yoga mat that’s much thicker than your average mat, meaning you won’t “sink in” during your sun salutations and put strain on your back or joints. Bonus: it gives you plenty of room to stretch out no matter your height.

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5 Top-Rated Fitness Products From Amazon That Are Popular For A Reason

1. pack of five lightweight, stretchy resistance bands for toning up your legs, butt, arms, and abs. They’re suitable for a wide variety of exercises, and come in five cool colors and resistance levels.

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2. luxury performance cork yoga block set designed by *actual* yoga instructors, so you know you’re getting the real deal. Each block set comes with a cotton yoga strap and downloadable Perfect Posture videos to help get you started no matter your skill level.


3. An adjustable, tangle-free, rapid-speed jump rope complete with ball bearings and ergonomic foam handles. It’s portable, lightweight, and great for exercising anytime, anywhere.

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4. pair of buttery soft high-waisted compression workout shorts with deep hidden pockets to safely store your earbuds and phone while you run, bike, hike, do yoga, or partake in just about any sweat sesh your heart desires.

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5. state-of-the-art Fitbit activity tracker for keeping track of your heart rate, monitoring your pace as you walk, and measuring calorie burn with every step you take (GPS included). You can even track your skin temp at night while you sleep, and best of all, it’s waterproof.

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The 5 Best-Selling Fitness Products on Amazon of 2022

It’s no surprise that Amazon is a great destination for nearly anything, and has all you need to shop smart this holiday season. Not only do they have a robust selection of goods and fast shipping, but they also have a wide variety of in-demand fitness products and gear. From training equipment and workout gear to vitamins, supplements, and everything in between—anything can be yours with the swipe and click of a button. 

“I bought everything for my home gym from Amazon—TRX, Kettlebells, foam rollers, mats,  adjustable dumbbells—and I keep a list of my favorite products for my virtual clients to buy,” says Frank Baptiste, CSCS, a certified strength and conditioning coach. “You can find just about anything, buy with confidence, and it’ll often arrive in time for your next workout.”

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up the best-selling fitness products on Amazon right now. Whether you’re looking a new home gym equipment or want to know what other Amazon shoppers are adding to their carts, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the top-selling fitness products on Amazon.

VYBE Pro Percussion Massage Gun

Courtesy of VYBE

Aching muscles are no match for this low-noise massage gun. It relieves sore muscles with a combination of eight unique head attachments that offer targeted therapy and nine speeds, boasting 1800-3400 strokes per minute. Even better, its battery can handle up to three hours of continuous use.



Withings Body Scale

Withings Body Scale. Courtesy of

When it comes to weight, there is so much more behind that single number staring back at you on the scale. This smart scale (which works with multiple health apps), breaks down your body’s composition and accounts for things such as your muscle, bone, and water weight. Plus, it can track up to eight users at once, so it’s great for the whole family.

Withings Body+ Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale


Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells


The great thing about adjustable dumbbells is that you get the benefit of a full-weight rack without having to sacrifice space. This pair specifically adjusts from 5 to 52.5 pounds, giving you a range of weights to work with, so you can grow as you go. It also has a companion app that allows you to follow trainer-led workouts or build your own.



RENPHO Smart Body Fat Scale


For those obsessed with data, this scale tracks just about every metric out there—visceral fat, metabolic age, muscle mass, fat-free body weight, and more. It gives you a big-picture view of your body while helping to establish daily, weekly, and monthly trends. The best part: the price won’t break the bank.

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