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  • The new anti-slip design, the safety design of the inclined surfaces at the two ends of the horizontal bar, the sliding head changes the direction of the force beyond the weight, the more slippery and firmer.
  • Two-way anti-slip + two-way relaxation, two-way adjustable 360-degree deadlock-free design, safety and security.
  • Upgrade the anti-loosening lock, turn the holder squarely, and tighten the two screws and nuts to make the anti-loosening lock fixed to prevent falling off.
  • Thick non-slip mat, soft and elastic, with texture on the outside, to prevent the steel tube from rotating, strong and durable, wear-resistant and increase safety.
  • Double-sided hand guard cotton pad, constantly optimized and improved, bringing better craftsmanship and comfortable user experience hand guard, black sticky surface.

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Name: Single lever on the door
Material: galvanized stainless steel
Size: 72-93cm, 92-125cm, 110-140cm, 130-176cm, 150-200cm, 187-220cm
Type: Indoor horizontal bar

*high quality product
* Carefully designed to ensure safety training
* Heavy steel structure
* Highly durable
* Easy to install and remove
* Applicable for almost all fitness levels

The upper rod is used to attach a door frame with a width of 63 to 220 cm.
Pull-ups are exercises for upper body muscles, which mainly train the latissimus dorsi.
Standard pull-up exercise: Hold the upper pole with both hands, arms fully open, and feet off the ground. Pull your body up with your arm and back muscles until your chin crosses the barbell. Then lower your body until your arms are straight. Repeat this way.

1. Make sure the middle bracket is secured; if not, rotate to secure it.
2. Pull it several times before each use to ensure that the lever does not loosen.
3. The direction of movement or hand force must be the same as the direction of tightening the middle bracket to ensure that the middle rod will not loosen during use.
4. Children must use the pole under adult supervision.


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